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Greetings from Dr. Pete!

I am pleased to have you visit my website. If you are having health challenges and need a holistic healthcare practitioner, I invite you to discover the benefits of our natural healthcare services.

We are a unique blend of chiropractic and holistic medicine, specializing in clinical nutrition, homeopathy, natural hormone balancing, acupuncture and energy medicine.

If necessary, recommendations will be made for blood work panels, male and female hormone panels, food allergy testing and other wellness evaluations.

Whether you have questions about treatment options, lifestyle modification, nutritional supplements, bio-identical hormones or health products, we are here to help you!

Our goal is to empower you in making smarter and healthier decisions while achieving optimal health.

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In Best of Health,

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Winter weather stress
In the winter, your body is under added stress because of cold weather. The cold puts greater metabolic demands on your body than warmer temperatures. Sometimes you feel sluggish from inactivity, so it’s doubly important to exercise during cold winter months as a way to keep fit, regain energy, sweat a little, and detoxify.

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Beat the Bloat!
Too many cookies, candies, and other sweets can leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, but a few simple tips can support digestion and help you avoid tummy troubles this fall.

Sleep Can Affect Male Fertility
Sleeping too little or too much can affect a man's ability to impregnate his partner, new research suggests.
Health Tip: Kids Don't Need a Low-Fat Diet
It's important for kids to eat well and to practice healthy habits, but a low-fat diet isn't necessary and may even be harmful, experts say.

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